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Need some help?
First of all, thank you for even being interested in commissioning me! It really means to world to me <3

That being said,  the first step is to check the "Pricing" and "TOS" sites -
Open, within your budget and still interested? Then proceed to fill the form above!

How do I know if your commissions are open? And if they are closed: when will you open again?

You can see it on each commission type listed on my website and I will post about it on social media whenever I have slots open! However, if commissions are closed I don't know when I'll be opening again. The best option is to sign up for my mailing list at the bottom of the page or follow me on social media to get informed once I open again!


Alright I have filled out the commission form...
How do I know if I got the slot or not?

I will respond to the commissioners via email or message them on social media if I am interested in taking the slot.  
Didn't get contacted within 2 days of sending in your request?
Sorry but it seems like you didn't get a slot this time around!