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  • Commissions are NOT first come first serve!

  • I am allowed to refuse a commission for any reason

  • Complex characters (lots of markings, details, etc.) can potentially cost extra

  • I do not do alternate versions

  • Commissions can be completely private or "commissioned by anonymous" as well

  • I do not work with deadlines, such as birthdays etc. which are closer than a month;
    I generally prefer to not work with a deadline 

  • By commissioning me you confirm that you have the right to use the character that you provide (exception: fanart of popular characters)

  • I retain all rights to my art unless stated otherwise

  • You may only reupload my artwork if you give credit to me as the artist

  • You are allowed to print your commission for personal use only

  • You are not permitted to use my artwork commercially

  • You may not use my artwork in any extend in relation to NFTs

  • Payment via Paypal invoice only and I will not start the drawing until I have been paid

  • I will NOT work off written descriptions of the character, I require reference images

  • Upon sending in a commission form, you will be contacted within 48h if you got the slot - if you were not contacted within this time frame, you didn't get the slot

  • I will send WIPs for you to approve, if any changes are needed, make sure to let me know as I will charge extra for major changes to the pose or character once the commission is completed or even near completion

  • I am allowed to charge extra or even refuse to do any changes to a finished commission, as long as these changes need to be done due to a lack of commission information provided by you

  • Commissions will take up to a month to be completed, if delays occur I'll let you know

  • Refunds are not possible once the drawing has been finished

  • During any other stage of the commission, you’ll receive a percentage of the original commission price back, based on the status of completion (eg. if the piece is only 25% done, you'll receive 75% of the money back)

  • If the commission is canceled on my behalf, due to any reason, you'll receive a full refund as well as a file of the progress that I have made, if there is any

copyright and usage

commissioning process


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